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virtual postpartum care


Postpartum Care

*This option is currently not available due to Covid-19*


Within each visit, I meet you where you are in your process. With my holistic whole-body approach

I support your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies for healing during your

sacred window & beyond.


I bring my expertise in mindful-based movement & restorative postures,

energy work, ceremony holding, pelvic & womb health & postpartum recovery.


It is my intention to walk alongside you, teach & empower you as you arrive

or return to the mighty vulnerable land of motherhood. 

I always meet you where you are in your unique postpartum

experience with love & non-judgement

Individual session |  $235

Package | 6 sessions $1350 | Payment plans available 

Care includes:

+ Reiki sessions - $160 value

+ Reflexology  & Ayurvedic Postpartum  Marma healing session

+ Nourishing meal, snack or tea with each visit

+ Breathing techniques to support your vulnerable nervous system

+ Physical support in core & pelvic health 

+ Abhyanga & womb massage instruction

+ and much more

virtual postpartum care

This offering is uniquely designed for mamas who are outside of Colorado and are seeking to heal in her postpartum season. 

Each session, we meet to check-in and

talk about various topics that arise in the postpartum such as:

+ nourishing meal appropriate to your postpartum body

+ core & pelvic health

+ various methods to ground vulnerable nervous system

+ belly bind instruction

+ infant massage instruction

+ partner shifts 

+ caring for yourself

+ much more

(1) 90 minute meeting- $125

6 week package- $740 | Payment plans available 

The Sacred Postpartum 


This e-course is designed for the immediate postpartum, the first 6 weeks after birth. 


Each week there is a focus, a breathing practice, nourishing recipes & tips to support the changes that occur within self, family, partnership & more. 

Stay tuned for launch date!


I felt so supported by Miranda during my postpartum time.  Her cheery, positive attitude and caring touch really improved my outlook on tougher, more challenging postpartum days.  Her energy work really stood out as a huge highlight of her services.  It was patient, calming, intuitive, and thoughtful.  The belly binding helped my body to heal faster, causing the Dr. to question what I was doing to be recovering so quickly.  The dishes she cooked for me were all wonderful. 


It is so easy to get lost in being a new mom. Miranda created a time and space for me to focus on myself. Her care includes focus on mind, body and spirit, and creates a healing space for all things needed in the 4th trimester. Every new mom deserves this kind of care.


Miranda has a wonderful gift for making mamas feel supported, held, heard, and cared for during a vulnerable and sacred period. She is the best thing you could give to yourself and your baby during your postpartum period. She provided more than just physical comforts and I’m so grateful to have shared my postpartum journey with her. 


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