A Mother's Day Wish to you, sweet Mama...

Jai Maa.

I have always loved the postures of humble warrior and child's pose. To me these poses represent this honor & strength paired with humbled gentleness.

As I sit here on this beautiful Mother's day morning, I call in the qualities of these postures. The tenderness, the strength, this sweet surrender.

Jai Maa.

I surround my being with this powerful essence of the mother.

I celebrate and honor all the ancestors who walked before us. I bow to the mothers of today and all that are ahead of us, including our daughters.

While, I understand the complexities that mother relationships can bring, I am focusing

on the essence of the mother. This nurturing, compassionate, patient, unconditional love essence like Mother Mary, the Great Mother or for me, my Mother, Grandma Jane and aunt Cathy.

This sweet feminine strength that lies within us all. We have all been impacted by this motherly strength from our own mothers, our mom friends, mothers who cross our paths, or women who radiate this essence I speak of.

So sweet mama... yes, you...

Today my wish, my hope for you sweet mama, is to feel this feminine strength within you.

I promise you, she is there.

She is longing for your connection, your recognition.

She is a warrior. She is strength. She is humble. She is divine.

Whatever your day looks like, whether you can take 5 minutes solo to connect with this practice. Or if you have your baby on your chest. Or toddler climbing all over you. I encourage you to commit to connecting. Because, holy deserve it.

This pause paired with this awareness and tenderness will be a sweet treat for your soul, for all that it does.

Thank you, for all that you do.

With my whole heart, I bow to the mother within you...

Miranda Lu

**Jai Maa can be translated to great gratitude to the divine Mother or victory towards the Mother!