Postpartum Care

Supporting you during your postpartum recovery through traditional holistic healing practices.


1:1 In-Home Postpartum Care 

1:1 Zoom Postpartum Care

Quarterly Mama Kin Postpartum Support Group

The Sacred Postpartum | an online postpartum

companion- COMING IN MARCH 2020

Energy Medicine Healing

Guiding you inward to become aware, to heal, reset & restore your energy systems. 

Monthly appointments


specializing in:

+ postpartum healing & imbalances such as postpartum depression & anxiety

+ grief/processing with infertility, miscarriage, birth trauma

+ cesarean healing

+ shadow work


New Moon

Sister Circle 

In the darkest part of the lunar cycle, we sisters gather to become curious, find deep rest & healing while setting our intention for the upcoming month. 


Held on or around the month's new moon

Limited spots available   

Registration is required

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postpartum, energetic & feminine wellness 

Hi, sweet Mama.


My name is Miranda Lu.  


I am a Mama, an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula, 

Reiki Master, Energy Medicine Practitioner.

I am here to offer guidance, support, wisdom & walk alongside you during your journey.


I inspire you to heal your mind, body & spirit. To get to know yourself. To love yourself. To trust yourself. To see your unique light and empower you to shine it bright. 

I specialize in:

Ayurveda, energy medicine healing, 

womb wellness, ceremony, 

cesarean recovery, 

birth trauma/grief, 

postpartum anxiety & depression,

miscarriage & infertility.  



I offer 1:1 postpartum support, monthly Reiki sessions & New Moon Restore classes.


I am based in Golden, Colorado and offer my services locally & across the miles.